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Prior to my visit to Boston I received an email from John requesting an Ass Smothering session. Turns out he was looking the session for FREE in exchange for being a victim in one of my videos.  Generally I don’t entertain this type of session, but thought I would accept as he did have references and even went as far as to pay a deposit to show he was genuine.

It was obvious from Johns email that he liked toned strong girls and initially he seemed like a nice guy. Of course, shortly after, he started to brag about how long he could hold his breath. I thought really, I have heard it all before, apparently in his early days as a competitive swimmer he could hold his breath for several mins.

That may have been the case several years ago, but hardly the same situation as having my ass suffocating your face and mouth. I weigh 164lbs, so you could say i’m solid, moving me is not that easy.

I had already may my mind up that on the day I would wear a skimpy string bikini and use my ass in every position possible to suffocate every breathe from John. I couldn’t believe that on the day John was still bragging about how long he could hold his breath. We shall see I thought with a smirk on my face.

As filming commenced and with John still talking, I leaned forward wrapping my arm around his head and pulled him to the ground. I then sat on his stomach and placed both my hands over his mouth. At least now he couldn’t talk any more bulls***t.

Love the thought of a curvy ass smothering your face? Then you will love watching me dominate John in my latest video, ass smothering.

Ass Smothering | Sara Dominates Competitive Swimmer

Ass Smothering, Breath Play, Face Smothering, Thigh Smother, HOM, Ass Worship, Trash Talk


Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Duration : 10.33
File Size 465mb

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