Are submissive men weak?

Are submissive men weak

It is often presumed that the submissive of society are weak, unable to make decisions for themselves and have to rely on others. But, are submissive men weak ?  The perception of being a male submissive is worse again, if only I can but udder the words “DOORMAT!” Admit it, we all have heard it too often…. However we know that for a relationship to survive, one person must be more dominant on some level.

Could you imagine what life would be like if both were submissive and tasks like – who chooses where you would like to go for coffee became a chore? Here, I address the issue of submissiveness and strength and voice my opinion on the matter.

Are Submissive Men Weak ?

Are submissive men weakBreaking the social Norm

Being submissive doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be “submissive” all of the time though. For instance, quite a lot of men who enjoy being submissive in sexual acts hold powerful jobs or roles in society, as well as those men who are physically strong also… Being submissive I feel can be that “VENT TO ESCAPE” from the real world of expectations and a way for strong men to feel REAL FEAR!

Sometimes we just want to be weak

Surely you can relate and say at one point in your life you have maybe thought, “ I want a break from parenting. I want a break from being the boss.” Which really translates to “I want a break from being strong.” Instead of leading, you would rather be led. You don’t want to have to always worry about the consequences of decisions or actions. And instead, you would just like to feel secure in a set of rules or instructions you know you have to follow. Less thinking, more doing and before you know it you are in cloud 9! Hello relation mode.

It helps us build trust

In order to act as a true submissive, this involves you to give up all of your control and hand it over to someone else. FULLY! Surely this deserves a metal, RIGHT? After all we don’t know what the hell this person is going to do to us never mind capable of. For instance, they may wish to kick you in the balls and any guy I ask says this is the worst feeling in the world!!! An applaud must be given though to the level of exposure both physically and emotionally one leaves themselves to. Especially those men who let me trample them, I’m surprised I don’t break their ribs, yet they LOVE IT! If that doesn’t take balls, I don’t know what does.

Submissiveness is generally temporary

You must understand, most men are not fully submissive. If they were a so-called “doormat” of society, it would make for a rather needy partner… Which despite their obedience a dominant wife would become bored of after a while. For this reason, I believe men enjoy their moments of weakness for they do not last long before the demands of the relationship or life, require us to step back into action and be strong again!

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S x

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  1. Giorgospeiraiotis
    Giorgospeiraiotis says:

    Hello miss Sara,

    I loved reading all your blog entries and just wanted to say a few words myself. Just like you have pinpointed for many men, my attraction to mixed wrestling did start at childhood as well, wrestling with my cousin. She was of course older and won.

    I am glad to read that you don’t consider submissive men weak or losers. I have a successful carreer, bossing people around all day. So i like it when roles can be reversed in private. And who better to do it than a strong beautiful woman. It is better than a regular dominatrix i think. A strong woman really earns my submision.

    And i also agree with another comment of yours that i read somewhere. If i were to admit that i like women stronger than me it would be like coming out. I would be afraid of society’s judgement.

    So thank you and ladies like you that every so often allow us to live our little fantasies before returning to the world of business meetings and boring “normality”.

    I missed you due to work on your rare visit to San Antonio but i hope there will be a next time.

    Stay safe, healthy and STRONG!

    • Sara
      Sara says:

      Hi ,

      Thank you for your kind comment, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my blogs. Like yourself many men are in powerful jobs and so would not consider themselves weak. For me I think it is an innocent kind of encounter where many tend to relieve their childhood and as you escape escape from the boring life of the real world, even if it only be for a few hours!

      I look forward to maybe catching up then next time I visit SA and wish you a very good summer

      S x

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