Hi I’m Sara Lips.

A session wrestler, specializing in sessions for muscle worshipers, wrestling fans and those that love being made feel weak at the knees by a strong women!

As the ultimate combination of beauty and power. I am everything you could ever dream off! With a perfectly sculpted, hot, toned & muscular physique. I can & will control you both mentally and physically!

Sports and strength training is a real passion of mine. I believe there is nothing sexier than a woman who is confident in her own physique!

I take great pride in my role as a session wrestler and have a real interest in the power exchange that occurs between us. If you should ever taken the time to read my blog, you will see that I love to try to understand the fetish world we live in & complexity of us human beings minds!

Should you ever decide to session with me, I guarantee you will not leave disappointed. Communication is absolutely vital to me. I will therefore listen to your fantasies and desires, knowing exactly what you want before we meet. So, I can extend your boundaries in a totally encompassing and wildly intoxicating way.

Sara LipsMy Vital Stats…

Weighs: 156lbs

Has Dangerously Strong Legs!

Chest: 34 Inches

Bust: 32 C

Neck: 14 Inches

Biceps: 13.5 Inches

Forearms: 10 Inches

Hips: 35 Inches

Waist: 29 Inches

Thighs: 24 Inches

Calves: 16 Inches

In a Nutshell…

Sara LipsNationality: Irish

Lives: Northern Ireland

Speaks: English

Height: 5’6

Bust: 32 B

Hair : Long Brunette

Eyes: blue/grey

Dress size: 10 UK/38 EU

Shoes: 6 UK/39 EU

Smokes: No

Tattoos or Piercings: Neither


  • Made in Belfast: 100% Irish Born and Breed
  • Field sports is my Background, having played Female Full Contact Rugby in College. Even as I started studying at university. my passion for sports continued. My only concern was ever making it to the gym instead of library… After finishing my masters degree, I turned my back on my professional qualifications gained and studied to become a personal trainer.  Enjoying working as a strength coach, until I was approached one day by a guy regarding scissoring and the rest is history…
  • Now my job is to be the best Wrestling Dominatrix who walked this earth!
  • My Alter Ego is called  “ Princess Pain”
  • When growing up, my family called me “thunder thighs” – SO BEWARE!
  • I majored Law with Politics at University, studied Communications, Advertising and Public Relations at postgrad and am a fully qualified Journalist – so I’m not just a pretty face!
  • Blogging is one of my most favorite hobbies, as I feel it makes me feel like I can keep in touch with you guys.