Hi, I’m Sara Lips, a fun loving, adventure seeking, and session wrestling minx!

In 2015 I entered the world of session wrestling, taking the world by storm with my 24-inch thighs and voluptuous derriere.

As a frequent touring session wrestler, it could be said that Miss Sara Lips likes to be on the road. Making the most of what opportunities this unconventional life brings me. Travel is an important aspect to life and one, which should never be undervalued. By our experience and connection with others of varied cultures, we can learn, embrace and grow as human beings.

From an early age, sport has always been a real passion of mine. In high school I played full contact rugby. Eventually swapping the rugby pitch for a barbell, when joining university. Ever since, strength training has become something I am hooked on. Training on average around 4-5 times a week. Domination through the form or raw power therefore came naturally to me.

As, the ultimate combination of beauty and power, Sara Lips is everything you could ever dream off! With my perfectly sculpted – hot, toned & muscular physique, I can & will control you both mentally and physically. I enjoy offering a wide range of sessions including session wrestling, muscle worship, lift carry and traditional domination.