Hi, I’m Sara Lips, a fun loving, adventure seeking, and session wrestling minx!

In 2015 I entered the world of session wrestling, taking the world by storm with my 24-inch thighs and voluptuous derriere.

As a frequent touring session wrestler, it could be said that Miss Sara Lips likes to be on the road. Making the most of what opportunities this unconventional life brings me. Travel is an important aspect to life and one, which should never be undervalued. By our experience and connection with others of varied cultures, we can learn, embrace and grow as human beings.

“The girl next door you dream of, that kicks ass!”

From an early age, sport has always been a real passion of mine. In high school I played full contact rugby. Eventually swapping the rugby pitch for a barbell, when joining university. Ever since, strength training has become something I am hooked on. Training on average around 4-5 times a week. Domination through the form or raw power therefore came naturally to me.

As, the ultimate combination of beauty and power, Sara Lips is everything you could ever dream off! With my perfectly sculpted – hot, toned & muscular physique, I can & will control you both mentally and physically. I enjoy offering a wide range of sessions including session wrestling, muscle worship, lift carry and traditional domination.

Being a good wrestler though, isn’t all about brute force and ignorance; and just as the word martial arts indicate, we should let our bodies flow with grace and elegance. Having fallen in love with the sport of wrestling. I took up formal training in combat submission wrestling (CSW) and also train in this, on average 1-2 times a week, providing my tour schedule permits.

“The Psychology behind fetishes intrigues and fascinates me”

With a naturally curious and inquisitive personality, I believe my interest in fetishes has been heightened due to my education in law, journalism and communication studies. By educating myself in these fetishes, I believe it brings me closer to you, by giving me a better understanding to the fetish world we live in and the complexity of us human beings minds. You can read some of my pondering, here on my blog.

Physically powerful and psychologically focused, I take great pleasure in controlling those who like to submit to me. Fascinated and inspired by all levels of power play, I hold the utmost respect for those who love domination. I have a deep understanding of the trust involved in bottoming and submission, particularly for men in our highly patriarchal society.

Communication is absolutely vital to me. I will listen to your fantasies and desires, knowing exactly what you want before we meet. So, I can extend your boundaries in a totally encompassing and wildly intoxicating way.

When first contacting me, I ask you to honestly express and articulate what your personal needs and expectations are. This is because communication and proper negotiations are the foundation to building an honest relationship that will prove to be beneficial to us both.

“The best sessions come from a deep connection of raw chemistry and mental attraction”

In sessions I can as dominating and sadistic as you want or playful and compassionate. I can play at any level depending upon the experience and limits of my session partner, as well as give a good straightforward sweaty wrestling match. I have a sincere passion for all aspects of my job as a session wrestler. My philosophies are very firmly based on the concepts of power exchange and respect for one another.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in or wish to try out for the first time. Please contact me, with as much detail as possible. Ideally including your ideal session type, days, time and location that suit. The more you tell me, about what you would like to experience, the more likely we are to achieve it. So don’t be shy, let me into your wildest, deepest, secret desires today!

Yours Truly,

Sara Lips


Sara Lips Sara Lips Vital Stats…

Weighs: 156lbs

Has Dangerously Strong Legs!

Chest: 34 Inches

Bust: 36 C

Neck: 14 Inches

Biceps: 13.5 Inches

Forearms: 10 Inches

Hips: 35 Inches

Waist: 28 Inches

Thighs: 24 Inches

Calves: 16 Inches

Sara Lips in a Nutshell…

Sara LipsNationality: Northern Ireland

Lives: Northern Ireland

Speaks: English

Height: 5’6

Bust: 36 C

Hair : Long Brunette

Eyes: blue/grey

Dress size: 10 UK bottom, 12 UK (M) top

Shoes: 6 UK/39 EU

Smokes: Never

Tattoos or Piercings: Neither