There are times when the right stuff comes along, what do I mean I here you say. A guy who can truly take a beat down and still ask for more. Met Mark from Brutal Beauties, a sadistic son of bitch who loves nothing more than a good old fashioned beat em up type session. Who was I to disappoint him.

Watch as I perform scissor after scissor with only one goal in mind, PAIN, inflict as much as possible. Crush every part of Marks puny body between my powerful thighs and listen to the whimpers. Mark and I never discussed any safe words, I repeat there where no safe words! If you listen closely you will here the word MERCY.

Apparently unbeknown to me, this is when Mark is in trouble, real trouble, not the fake stuff. How was I to know, hell I just carried on, business as normal, isn’t that what they say. A beat down he wanted, well that is exactly what I was going to deliver. Brutal Beauties was a fitting title for his store and I would ensure he would remember this Irish Beauty.

Mark admitted after our session that there where a couple of points he was scared, as I ignored any taps and just kept turning on the power. Only few times had he felt such strength, he had been warned by others. Sara is lovely, sweet, but shit that girl is strong. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and punishing Mark, I hope you enjoy the video.

Sara Meets Mark From Brutal Beauties

Choking, Pins, Punches, Front Scissor, Reverse Scissor, Body Scissors, Figure 4, Trash Talking


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Sara Lips returns to Utopia for another stunning mixed wrestling scissors performance in Dante’s Demise. Dante is a veteran jobber in over 1000 fetish clips. He has a reputation for being able to take as much pain as any woman can dish out. Kip tells Sara this behind-the-scenes and before you know it Sara confronts Dante.

Dante blows off Sara as just another pretty face, but obviously doesn’t know Sara’s unpredictable “Princess Pain” persona. Sara quickly gets behind Dante for a classic scissor test. Our muscular Irish beauty immediately dials up the squeeze to mind-erasing level, until she has Dante tapping like any other “weakling” male. Several times Sara strangles Dante to the brink of consciousness with her lethal legs.

Figure four’s, side scissors, and a 3 minute long reverse scissors and reverse four have Dante cowering and tapping his submission. Sara loves to flex as she scissors him senseless, so we get awesome views of the stunning body she has honed from long hours in the gym. In the end Sara stands over the defeated as he trembles in fear of what she might do to him next! Check out Sara as she destroys Dante.

Dantes Demise – Muscle Domination

Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Victory Pose


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