Some of you may have already watched this video, when it was in my members section, however with my member section now gone, I have decided to re-release Sara’s Mixed Wrestling Savage Scissors for individual purchase.

Producing videos is not as easy as it looks with limited free time, especially if you are a frequently touring session wrestler who uses all their free time in between tours to organize, plan and let not forget stay in shape! So, I can honestly say hats off to any producers out there who do this full time.

This does not mean to say that i will not be making videos anymore, in fact quite the contrary. As now in my new house, I have a lovely spare room I will be setting up as a studio for those who wish to session with me or film. In fact, I am actually quite excited about getting the camera out again and looking forward to casting for guys to appear as willing victims. Also, as I do not now feel pressurized to make four videos a month on top of touring, it leaves me room to bring back my creativity, keeping quality where it should be!

Female Scissoring, whats the fascination?

Often I have thought this while scissoring a guy between my thighs. How can he be enjoying this? As I watch the torment in their face! Further, knowing that I can push this guy to the point of knockout if I really so desire. Scary I know, but the real scissor fans seem to absolutely love it! i squeeze, I crush and barely a sound, I am just amazed at just how much pain some guys can take.

This is not always the case however, as on many occasions I have my victim tapping out within seconds of being put into a body scissor or head scissor. Other guys also just seem to love the feeling of being entangled in a ladies legs, which is not necessarily anything to do with pain, just entrapment. Whatever the reasoning behind it, scissoring gives me great satisfaction in allowing me to watch you guys squirm between my thighs.

Femdom meaning?

Female Domination (femdom) : A woman (or action in which a woman) dominates sexual interaction with her mate. This frequently (but not exclusively or absolutely) includes:

  • Humiliation of the sub. (submissive, slave)
  • Penetration of the sub. (incl. strap-ons, toys, etc).
  • Bondage / restraint of the sub.
  • Water Sports

Scissoring therefore can fall into this category as it usually includes humiliation of the guy in question and lets face it restraint…

Mixed Wrestling Scissors

Part of being a session wrestler for me, is all about trying to understand what makes you guys tick. Interestingly I am starting to see the similarities between female domination and mixed wrestling and have session-ed with guys who have had many sessions with pro female dominatrix’s as well as session wrestlers.

Whatever you define domination as, one thing both kinds of domination have in in common (pro dominas and session wrestlers) is that each dominate their victim by displays of strength and persona in character.

You will notice below that some of the categories over lap, with both mixed wrestling and domination favoring similar types of domination.

Mixed Wrestling : female scissoring, trash talk, wrestling, belly punching, chokes, pins, face sitting, foot worship

Domination : whipping, ball torture, pegging, face slapping, verbally abuse, strap ons, foot worship, ass worship

So, what do you think: is professional domination similar to session wrestling?

Sara’s Mixed Wrestling Savage Scissors

If you are a fan of female scissoring, this video is for you, lots of femdom scissoring with variations including :Body Scissor, Reverse Scissor, Front Head Scissor, Side Scissor (neck), Figure 4 etc. So, watch as I crush my victim, scissor after scissor!


Resolution : 1980 x 1080
Duration : 24.52
File Size : 964mb

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Female feats of strength are an excellent, fun and entertaining demonstration of power and vigor within strong women. Feats of strength, however have been around for a long time and date back to the time of Festivus. A secular holiday celebrated on December 23, which serves as an alternative, to participating in the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. Festivus made popular culture during the American Sitcom Seinfield, 1997 “The Strike” episode.

The celebration generally involves the head of the household, selecting out one person at the festivus gathering, to challenge them in a wrestling match. The tradition is that Festivus is not over until the head of the household is pinned to the ground. It is usually the head of family’s choice as to who will participate in the Feat of Strength, however a person is allowed to decline the offer, if they have something better to do instead. If the appointed person cannot participate, it is appropriate for another guest to suggest who should participate in the “Feats of Strength.”

Today, however there is so much more to feats of strength than just wrestling! With even females getting in on the action, showing up the guys!

What is a feat of Strength?

Today, a feat of strength is generally decried as the exhibition of strength performed to the eye for entertainment values.

female feats of strengthThe average person cares little about how much weight you can lift. Yes we understand, all you session wrestler fans beg to differ, however we are talking about the everyday average person here. Without much experience in the art, whether you lift a little or a lot, most people just don’t get the point of lifting weights today and its benefits. Put a car in front of people and lift it, however, you will get a totally different reaction and soon see how amazed people are!

This is because strength manifests itself in a number of ways. It does not just have to be conventional or all about squats and dead lifts. Female strength feats, can instead be about pulls, leaps and throws of insane magnitude that makes us pause and take notice. Many feats require more tendon, ligament, joint, and bone strength than your average muscle-focused exercise and perhaps a freak of nature! It’s not just your every day person who can tow a plane.

Men especially become amazed if women can perform these feats of strength, as females are typically not meant be as strong as their male counterparts according to everyday stereotypical values.

Specific feat of strengths might include lifting heavy barbells in odd ways, muscle control, bending steel & insanely high plyometric jumps to name a few. Here is list of some popular feats of strength. A gym personal best can even be considered a feat of strength to you.

  • Anvil Lifting
  • Plane/Lorry/Boat Pull
  • Short Bending
  • Box Jumps
  • Braced Bending
  • Long Bending
  • Scrolling
  • Horseshoes
  • Rolling Frying Pans
  • Can Bursting
  • Card Tearing
  • Chain Breaking
  • Finger Lifting
  • Finger Supports
  • Grippers/Crushing
  • Feats of Hair Strength
  • Hand Balancing
  • Juggling Weights
  • Muscle Control
  • Muscling Out Weights
  • Nail Driving with the Hands
  • Feats of Neck Strength
  • Odd-Object Lifting e.g Atlas Stones
  • Phonebook Tearing
  • Pinch Grip
  • Weighted Pull Ups / Pinky Pull Ups
  • Rope Climbing
  • Sledgehammers
  • Feats of Teeth and Jaw Strength
  • Thick Bars
  • Two Hands Anyhow
  • Weight Supports

Why do men love female feats of Strength?

One of the most famously watched feats of strength, ironically takes place over the Christmas holiday period. It is the world’s strongest man/women championships.

There are many reasons as to why men love watching female strength feats.

Strength for Benefit

There are several benefits to doing female feats of strength; it differs from what you would get from your more conventional workouts. And by “conventional,” we are not just talking about bodybuilding. We are referring to many of the less conventional styles like CrossFit, Bodyweight exercises, and kettlebells.

Many of the female strength feats require more tendon, ligament, joint, and bone strength than your average muscle-focused exercise. These tissues are capable of growth; it’s just not very noticeable. When it comes to strength though, they are hugely important. A focus on tissue growth and strength is often missing from most training programs.

Many feats of strength focus on hand strength, which today is often a lacking component in many people’s programs. Good grip is key to feats of strength. I often here from many men during sessions, that they good grip on a women, and this is why they particularly love female feats of strength. The mercy test is therefore always a firm favorite.

Strength for Purpose

If you become a “strong women”, you can use your strength for various useful purposes in life. Your strength can gain you publicity. For instance if you can bend nails, you can be guaranteed that you will be asked to perform this party piece in front of others for years to come. And so, why not make a living out of it too? Session wrestler ladies do this everyday by wrestling men as a female feat of strength.

The really abnormally strong women however are in a league of there own, with their own following, there fans have great admiration for these women and will forever endear to support and follow them for following their passion in life. Such women include session wrestlers, Anna M Strong who can bend steel and Amber deLuca who can  overhead press a man weighing up to 50kg. They realize some men’s desire to see these impressive acts in real life and are willing to perform these female feats of strength for you in your very own private session with them.

It’s just plain fun!

Many fans of strong women have thought of good alternatives to a wrestling match for feats of strength. Arm Wrestling is fun but it usually ends up with each party having sore arms. The Mercy Game and Leg Wrestling have therefore became firm favorites in private session for females to demonstrate feats of strength along with can crushing and fruit crushing if the female is strong enough. Who wouldn’t want to see a lady squeeze a watermelon between her thighs? Surprisingly these are usually a no stress physical activity for the female in question. Just make sure you have a large enough space available!

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