My latest post Mixed Arm wrestling Over The Top has to be one of the most fun feats of strengths out there. It is definitely not a sport to be sniffed at. Challenging both physically and mentally, as both parties sit against each other eye to eye using brutal force to determine who’s pride ends up on the table for dinner!

Factors such as grip strength and iso hold strength also comes into play. And, it is infamous for putting a tremendous amount of tension onto the biceps and sometimes triceps, with many participants’ muscles trembling with the sheer tension. A reason why you guys love watching it so much, I think!

Here I’m faced against a guy who is no stranger to free weights himself, as you can see with his 16inch biceps! Watch to find out the winner.

Mixed Arm wrestling Over The Top

I hope you enjoyed the video, I can honestly say that I was giving a hundred percent. The guy is really strong, solid muscle. Never the less I was impressed that I managed to beat him on my right and hold my own on my left. That’s the purpose of a challenge, there would be no challenge if I knew I could win. ? If you have any suggestions for future content, please drop me an email. I can’t promise that all the content will be free as there is a members section being added to the site soon. I would still like to hear your thoughts, after all the members area is for you guys.

O Brother Where Art Thou Shoulders,  is what I felt like crying when filming this workout! Its a toughie 🙂

It was a long drive at almost 5 hours for my relocation from the Costa Del Sol, but I am now back where I consider home on the sunny Costa Blanca. Once settled,  I was itching to get to the gym however was in a bit of a pickle about where to join! As, the gym I had been a member of and usually trained at in Santa Pola is now a bit far from where I live to travel to for frequent training.

Before I moved down to Marbella though, I had heard a new building and facilities where under way for a local gym to me in Ciudad Quesada. Luckily the facilities are now finished also and not too bad either.

I must say I am a bit of gym snob and find it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to gyms.

The new gym I would say is still a work in progress and I am sure in time will improve. It has more of a community feel about it and is quite old school so back to basics for me! The machines are still old despite in a brand new building! It’s all about good technique and effort though when it comes to training not machines!

This workout involves pretty much just shoulders apart from some core work towards the end. Below the video, I have detailed below the exercises performed and the muscle groups targeted.

O Brother Where Art Thou Shoulders

Press Behind Neck (smith machine ) : Normally I would not recommend this movement to a novice  as it has a higher risk of injury due to the rotator cuff in the shoulder. As long as you don’t go too heavy and decrease the range of movement, the risk should be greatly reduced. The muscles targeted within the press behind neck are the medial deltoid (middle of shoulder). This is one of my favourite exercises.

Parallel Press : The parallel press can be either performed on a machine or with free weights. The machine simply ads stability to the movement. Both have there pros and cons, so for variety its good to mix up free weights and resistance machines. The parallel press works mostly the anterior deltoid (front of shoulder) and triceps.

Pike Press (bodyweight) : You might notice these are more so “attempted” in the video, as this is exactly what they are. If you are ever feeling confident in what you are lifting, try switching your training up a bit as there is nothing harder than a simple bodyweight exercise to bring you crashing back down to earth!  These are so hard and work the anterior deltoid and triceps. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes…

Cable Face Pull : What looks as if it should be simple is not. The name describes the movement, which is to pull the rope towards the face keeping the elbows high. Muscles worked in this movement are the posterior deltoid, upper trapezius, rhomboids.

Cable Upright Row : The beauty of using cable movements is the tension created as it is constant throughout the movement. I initially found these okay and kept increasing the weight with each set. Again this is a favourite of mine. The exercise can be made harder by adding in iso holds. The muscles groups worked are the medial deltoid and upper trapezius.

The reason for the mixture of exercises is because the shoulder comprises of three deltoids – the anterior, medial and posterior. The anterior is worked in most pressing movements, it is therefore beneficial to work the medial and posterior deltoids along with work to the trapezius for all round shoulder development. So many times I have seen guys with over developed anterior deltoids, from too much pressing. Don’t be that guy.

Today, In Lift and Carry Part 2, I am going to discuss the various lifts you LOVE! Giving a brief insight to the history & psychology behind each lift.

The Lifts

There are various kinds of popular lifts, of which everyone has their own found favorites. From Piggyback rides to shoulder rides, fireman’s lifts, rack positions, cradle carries and even pony or donkey carries. The list is endless…

What lifts can be performed however, obviously depends on the strength of the woman in question and weight of the man, to pull off each move successfully.

Many of the guys I have delivered lift and carry sessions to, have been some of the sweetest and kindest souls going. I always find it quite funny how they are very considerate and insist on me having short breaks and making sure I don’t hurt myself even though ironic it is them asking me to lift them ? Truth be known, I love it when I can amaze them with my strength and swoop them up into the air. Some guys have reversed the fun on me however, of which I’m not too sure if I agreed to be lift and carried about! I guess I got to know what it feels like, though I think I prefer my two feet on the ground.

Below I discuss the three, which I feel are most common:

The Piggy Back

After researching this lift, I was actually quite shocked to find its connection to that of Korean Culture and that in Korean films & cartoons, one of the things you will often notice in a number of scenes is that it is quite common to involve adults giving piggy-back rides to other adults.

lift and carry

Drama Beans website examined the cultural meaning of these piggyback rides in Korean films and related it to having a romantic and perhaps sexual undertone. It also elaborated on how in Korea, there is also many references to ‘skinship” which is a made-up Korean-English word meaning “levels of physical intimacy, or more simply, touching”

To me piggybacks are playful and fun, and I can see how it is a simple gesture with romantic ideals behind it. It eliminates the need to say to someone directly you are caring, sweet and warm hearted underneath the rough exterior. The piggyback action does this all.

Some also argue that piggyback fetish’s are based on a trust and security element however the men I have meet seem to be quite content in life. When conducting sessions, what I personally have come to think is that it is about the connection that is most prevalent of which seems to be an ecstasy of entrapment in a sexually arousing power struggle. As although the person in question is being lifted can make suggestions to me on speed, lift and directions, once up there ultimately I am in control of the situation. End off- FACT! I can take you where I want, at whatever speed I want and most importantly put you down whenever I want (evil grins)?

Arguably the most famous piggy-back fetishist in the world is the American cartoonist Robert Crumb. In the documentary film of his life’s work (simply titled Crumb), it features Crumb getting piggyback rides from several women with powerful legs that were clearly substitutes for sex. In the film, one of Crumb’s ex-girlfriends claimed the cartoonist liked to receive piggy-backs in lieu of sex.

Fireman Lift

One of the most reoccurring arguments against women serving in combat we hear time and time again, is that they don’t have the upper body strength to carry a heavy male soldier out of combat. People often forget however that you don’t need much upper body strength to carry a guy out of combat. This will come as a surprise to certain people, but military is not trained to carry each other like babies and nor are fire women hence the name of this lift.

In fact, you can rescue your comrade without using your pecs and effectively sling a dude over your shoulder, without much effort! It is surprisingly easy. The only problem may be that the person being lifted, may not be too comfortable up their if they have a strong set of shoulders digging into their rib cage!

When researching the psychological element of this lift I could not find much to be honest, however for me personally I think it’s the fun factor of role reversal, going against the book and proving that women really can be strong enough to rescue you! I think it links to the heroine role play as discussed in my previous post and the excitement of being lured off to a land of mystery, afar and unknown beyond whether this even be the bedroom. Perhaps you guys can let me know why you love fireman’s lifts so much by commenting below.

Cradle Carry

Lift and carryThe cradle carry is the hardest lift to perform and also one the most controversial lifts with many outsiders linking it to the sexualisation of motherhood and history of being carried at birth.

Nobody links men carrying their wives through the threshold as tradition goes in a cradle carry to such however which is ludicrous… so to me cradle carries are role reversal at its best! Men get to feel safe in the arms of a strong and protective woman. Some however find being rather helpless in a woman’s arms very erotic. Whatever it may be getting to watch how impressive a woman’s shoulders and legs are in a mirror view if you should be so lucky definitely is a key contributing factor for most!

Lift and Carry in Real Life

No fetish can make you a submissive person. You might like to be dominated in the bedroom but that can simply be because you are such a dominant person in the rest of your life and vice versa. A fetish cannot define the rest of your life. And even within your sexual life the label submissive can often be far too much of a simplification. There are some submissive masochists and some dominant ones. The whole thing is a blend and no one label can describe your sexual feelings.

Just because you like muscular women doesn’t make you a weirdo and likewise because you enjoy a piggyback ride or cradle carry in the arm’s of a women doesn’t make you abnormal. You may even enjoy watching videos of hot girls carrying men and be a member of a particular site to gain access to unlimited content. It is only if the figures for your memberships are starting to run into the hundreds of dollars mark or your fetish is starting to take over your life, you may want to reassess things.

If you are looking for the perfect women to be in a relationship with, where she can help you fulfill your lift and carry desires, here are some suggestions I make below to help you on that mission:

  • Keep your weight in check, remember the lighter you are more chance of getting lifted. This goes for sessions too!
  • Do not admit your fetish to the girl on your first date, play it safe at first and once mutual trust is comfortable in the relationship, gently drop the hint and let her into your heart’s desires.
  • Date girls who are playful or okay with experimenting
  • Date girls who are a bit of a HEAVY weight… I’m not saying to date a fatty, but just someone who is well put together if you know what I mean ?

Welcome today’s workout, accordingly named Crusher Leg Workout Feel My Pain. My legs are one of my strongest body parts, so I love to prove this to you guys by practising what I preach and giving you a sneak preview into my style of training!

On average our legs make up near half of our bodies muscle mass. It is therefore important that they receive just as much attention in regards to training as our upper body. I am afraid, guys are sometimes too often guilty corporates to under training legs- with most of us having seen a robin ? in the gym at some point in our lives!

Below you will find a more in depth explanation of each exercise performed, as well as the muscle groups the movement targets.

Crusher Leg Workout Feel My Pain

Wide Stance Squat (smith machine) : Here I use a wide stance when squatting to emphasis the inner part of the thigh more. By simply changing your foot position from Wide, Neutral and Narrow you can determine what part of the leg is targeted more.

Back Squat : The traditional back squat is the KING of all squat movement patterns. It is also usually performed badly. Before I perform any leg exercises,  I try to spend at least ten minutes foam rolling. Otherwise,  I simply would not be able to squat as low due to tightness in certain muscle groups. The Back Squat hits everything, Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Lower back. There is more work through the lower back in this variation compared to those carried out on the smith machine, as the bar is not supported.

Bulgarian Split Squat : These are brutal and very deceiving, however are an excellent exercise to add into any leg workout! As we move from one foot to another when we walk, run, you name it! it is therefore a good idea to ensure single leg movements are incorporated into your training regime. When performing single leg exercises, It is not uncommon to find that you may have a more dominate/stronger side. This can lead to imbalances especially as the weight increases. Adding single leg movements help by focusing on one leg at a time, strengthening any weaknesses that are apparent by working the leg interdependently, Bulgarian split squats primarily hit the quadriceps, yes thats right quadzilla! ?

Reverse Lunge w/ Knee Raise : Another great single leg movement with the addition of a knee raise. Both single movements are excellent at targeting the glutes and quadriceps.

Narrow Stance Leg Press (high reps) : I used the leg press as a finisher today. Here, I made the exercise harder by keeping the repetitions high and using muscle control- i.e not locking out the knees, but rather keeping them soft.  Getting more of a pump in the quadriceps, it was pretty intense, as you can see in the video my thighs are quivering towards the end!

I like to train legs hard, however, I would only consider this to be me training part legs. I would still have posterior leg work to cover in another workout, consisting of various hamstring exercises, isolated glute work and calves. We can’t forget about those babies…Move over thigh gap, big bulging, toned strong and athletic legs are here to stay.