Love the feeling of being overpowered by an Amazonian goddess, pinned to the ground, made feel weak, helpless under their control? If the answer is YES, then Sara Lips Wrestling is the woman for you.

Come experience the power of female domination through raw power. A new style dominatrix –  specialising in mixed wrestling, fantasy wrestling, female domination, muscle worship and more.

Sara travels the world extensively, wrestling and dominating men. She has also worked with some of the top US producers to make a diverse range of fetish videos.

Coming from the Emerald Isle, she has an Irish accent that will also make you naturally swoon! Interested in booking a session with Sara? Check out her Tour page and Blog for her latest thoughts.


choking scissor domination
sara face smothering



When we met I was greeted with a nice big hug and great smile and we sat and chatted before the session started, Sara is stunningly beautiful and feminine with all the curves that a woman should have, don’t let that fool you on how strong she is though. Sara takes pride in her sessions, the strongest scissoring session yet.

Mike, Leeds, Feb 2018Female Scissoring

Sara greeted me at the door firstly you notice just how pretty she is, next you notice her body she looks so much more powerful in the flesh than in photos, her shoulders, arms, and legs are truly magnificent. Sara sat me down and had a nice chat we talked about expectations and what I wanted from the session.

Matt, Birmingham, Feb 2018Lift and Carry

I had a session with Sara Lips and it was amazing. Email communication was swift and friendly and Sara really wants to know what you expect out of a session so she can perfectly fulfil your needs. To be honest initially I was a little intimidated because Sara is incredibly strong, her legs are so incredibly strong.

Harry, Austria, Dec 2017Fantasy Wrestling